Milk Data

AgSource, our patron milk testing provider, has made all results available via the Internet.  As technology progresses, AgSource is finding ways to offer you better services and quicker access to your results.  This information will be available through their website and can be accessed at

Questions and concerns have been raised about the accessibility of results and who can actually view this information.  This is a secure website, meaning that plant and individual patron results can only be accessed with a password.  This allows only the individuals who know the password to access the results.

Patrons having problems with the Ag source site should contact Toby Johnson at Ag source in Menomonie at  715-235-1128 or

The procedure is as follows:

  • On the Ag Source site click the down arrow next to “Select data Resource”
  • Click “Dairy Plant Patron Milk Data”
  • Click the box to open
  • Enter patron number followed by .1 for tank 1 or .2 for tank 2  ( Patrons with only one tank must use .1 after their number)
  • Enter plant as Ellsworth Coop Creamery
  • Enter password as 12345 if you have no previous password established
  • Enter start month and end month for the period you want to view
  • Click view records

In the access box enter current password 12345 and proceed to make up your own password for future use.  Be sure to remember your password!

If an unknown password has been used in the past you may have to contact Ag Source to resolve it.  This can happen if the patron number used to be assigned to someone else or if the password has been forgotten.

We hope that these quicker results will be of benefit to you.  Weekly cards will still be printed and sent out on the routes.

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