Sheet Pan QuesadillasBy EllsworthThe perfect way to make quesadillas for a crowd! Adjust the recipe to your preferred quesadillas fillings and toppings.
Buffalo Chicken Tater Tot HotdishBy EllsworthFlavorful, cheesy, and with a hint of a kick! One of your favorite appetizers combined with a staple midwest hot dish. What's not to love?!
Chicken and Bacon Ranch NachosBy EllsworthWe all love chicken and bacon ranch pizzas and sandwiches...and now, to fall in love with Chicken and Bacon Ranch Nachos!
Chicken Nachos on the GrillBy EllsworthYummy chicken and cheese topped nachos!! Let's take this out of the heat of the kitchen and prepare on the grill.  Perfect for a hot summer supper.
Chicken Cordon NewBy EllsworthA gluten free option! Stuffed breast of chicken wrapped in prosciutto and cheese curds.