Our creamy and salty cheese curds combined with tangy vinegar, dill, onion, and spices create just the right balance of salty and sour flavors. Eat them plain, dip them in ranch, batter and fry them, add to your Bloody Mary garnishes–you do you. Dill pickle lovers, these curds will quickly become your new favorite! Ranked #5 most delicious flavored cheese curd in the world!*

Find them in our retail stores in Ellsworth and Comstock or online here. And watch for them hitting your local grocers soon!

The World Cheese Championships are taking place right now in Madison. And we’re bringing home some bling!

Flavored Curds Category

1st place – Hickory Bacon
2nd place – Hot Buffalo

Pasteurized Process Cheese Category

1st place – Ellsworth (Wohlt) Pizza Cheese

Pasteurized Process Cheeses, Flavored Category

1st place – Hot Pepper Processed Cheese

AND… We took 1st place with our Habanero Ghost Pepper Jack in the ‘Pepper Flavored Monterey Jack, High Heat’ category!

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