Award Winning Cheese and Your Milk Check

Often, when announcing that we’ve won another prestigious cheese award, we will hear the comment, “Great, but how does that help my milk check.”

Sure, entering contests requires entrance fees, shipping costs, and staff time; however, it’s an investment that pays off in these four ways:

1. The judges in the competitions are very experienced and taste a lot of cheese. Their feedback is invaluable to our cheesemakers and quality control team, giving them important insight into how we might improve our products.

2. Our market and sales teams are experts at maximizing these awards. An award-winning cheese grabs attention and can open the door to new sales opportunities and more cheese sales.

3. These awards come with a certain amount of new coverage, both regionally and locally. We could never afford to purchase this kind of media exposure. It’s a big boost to our marketing efforts.

4. Teamwork is required when making the cheese, selecting the cheese, and submitting the cheese for competitions. Showcasing our products in the best light is a sense of pride for our team. Entering these contests and receiving these awards is an opportunity to work together and lifts employee satisfaction.