A tradition of dedication, quality and hard work.

Pride. It's what's put into every cheese curd that's made at Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery. We’re 450+ patron families strong, and for over 100 years its these real farm families from Wisconsin and Minnesota that help to make our quality products. Dairy farming is a 365 day a year job but these dedicated farms wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. Their commitment is why our cheeses are loved around the world and asked for by name.

Read about a few of the hundreds of Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery farmers…


Craig, Corey, Chris, Casey Bauer & families Durand, WI

The story of the Four C Dairy reads more like a family tree... David and Mary Bauer began farming in 1980. While David’s brother Francis, and his wife Rosie (who coincidently is also Mary’s sister), had their own farm not too far away. With their families getting older, the changes taking place in agriculture, and the costs associated with staying up with the times; there were many conversations about what the future held for each farm.

Paul and Angie Bocksell & family Pepin, WI

The Bocksell farm in Pepin, WI, is nestled in the heart of Laura Ingall’s Wilder country. In fact, it may remind you in some ways to the homestead featured on the popular series, Little House on the Prairie; rolling hills, farm fields, a stream and the big woods.

Keith Bremer and Jeff Bremer & family Lake City, MN

Visit the Bremers’ Pine Ridge Farm and you might be expecting to meet a father and son, or maybe two brothers. Nope. What you will find is a state-of- the-art dairy operation and the story of how a chance meeting led to a long-time and very successful partnership.

Trevor and Lisa Dicke & family Goodhue, MN

A left turn, and then a right turn off the main highway; it’s amazing how the scenery can change so quickly. Not too far off the main drag you’ll find yourself in the middle of farm country and at the Dicke Do Dairy in Goodhue, MN.

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