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Cheese Curd Bloody Mary

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 mins

Greet your guests at the door with one of these babies at your game day party next weekend, and you're sure to be named MVP! The secret ingredient is the Horseradish Vodka (where my horseradish lovers at?!)! Let your guests choose their favorite garnishes... Meats, pickles, etc. Don't forget your favorite Wisconsin Cheese... THE CHEESE CURDS!

 1 jigger Referent (horseradish-infused vodka)
 ½ cup tomato juice or V8
 1 tsp lemon juice
 ½ tsp Worcestershire sauce
 Dash of Tabasco
 Dash of celery salt, plus pinch of sea salt
 Freshly ground pepper
 Garnish: Any combination of pickles, fresh veggies and really fresh Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery Cheese Curds

Fill a tumbler with ice. Then add ingredients as listed. Stir. Pour.