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Many of our recipes are provided by Real Farm Wives of Wisconsin who are proud to use Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery Cheeses.

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Submitted By: Nancy Negrette
I love your cheese and here is a salad I make when I am sharing or for myself.
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Submitted By: Teresa Root
This recipe works well as either a side dish or vegetarian main dish.
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Submitted By: Peggy Stumer
Easy appetizer
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Submitted By: Karen Ranallo
Delicious Natural Ellsworth Cheese Curds make this salad quick and easy!
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Submitted By: Carrie Steinweg
For the cheese curd recipe - this is the easiest thing, but very tasty and makes for a quick and delicious appetizer.
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Submitted By: Susan Mayer
I discovered Ellsworth Creamery Cheese Curds for the first time this summer after reading an article about your creamery during the State Fair. I love them so much I added them to my famous apple pie recipe. As you taste the first forkful of pie, your mouth is awash with the rich buttery flavor of the cheese curds followed by the juicy cinnamony tart apple filling. The cheese curds along with a sprinkling of raisins add a chewy texture to this traditional pie. It's crazy delicious! You have to try it!
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Submitted By: Sally Reinhardt
A couple of variations of a receipe that everyone loves , whether it be a family dinner, friends over, special occasion, it just doesn't matter. They are always a hit and gone before you know it.
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Submitted By: Julie Thompson
Warm and delicious!
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Submitted By: Susan Deren
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Submitted By: Tracy Halverson
Cheesy goodness!
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